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Master Planning

Blue NIle Mixed-Use Development

Blue Nile Master Plan (BNMP) is a mixed-use commercial complex; to be executed on a 16,800m² plot; facing the Blue Nile from its southern boundary.

Site Zoning

The site comprises of three main zones. Within each one lies a central node that functions as a central plaza which distributes the circulation within each zone.

A central promenade links between these three nodes, leading the visitors from one magnet (main entrance on Kassala road) to the other magnet (node 3) and then to the River Nile.

  • Node (1) is located on the western side of plot; it is the main entrance to the development . It combines two residential towers, a health club, shops and an exhibition. This node is accessible from both northern and southern roads through a secondary promenade.
  • Node (2) is located approximately in the middle of the plot; it contains shops and restaurants.
  • Node (3) is located on the eastern side of the plot; it is the main pavilion. It contains a food court and an amphitheatre.


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