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Tuti Development Project

Tuti Island is an island in Khartoum, Sudan where the White Nile and Blue Nile merge to form the River Nile's confluence. It is surrounded by the "Three Towns": Khartoum (the capital of Sudan), Omdurman (the largest city in Sudan), and Khartoum North (also known as Bahri, a large industrial center).

In the past, the only way to get to Tuti Iisland was via several ferries that cross the river several times a day . Today a modern suspension bridge-Tuti Bridge has been constructed to link the Island to Khartoum.

Tuti Development project is a mixed use development within Tuti island with approximately 800 m of water frontage and a strong statement of modernism added to the sky line of Khartoum City.

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