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Kassala City Centre Urban Design

Kassala is one of the oldest Sudanese cities established in the colonial era, as its buildings clearly portrait at its center.The aim of replanning Kassala was to make efficient use of its vast spaces occupied by governmental bodies and their housing units.

Kassala development projects included landuse restructuring of the suggeted parts of the city as well as functional planning for suggested areas. It also included rehabilitation of the existing facilities and the city's center.

Turning the city into a modern investment center , was carried out by Tekno Consultancy by rethinking Kassala's master plan. The city center was recreated and given a regional yet international style; demonstrated in the various residential and commercial buildings souqs, public spaces and schools. The architectural vocabulary used was chosen carefuly,to match the urban fabric inspite of the modern touch applied to the general layout and its modern metropolitan identity.

Suggested areas were public spaces, sport centers stadia, ministries, insitutions and a camel racing track.

Tekno designed and completed the following majour project within Kassala's master planning project:

Kassala City Center Development ( Commercial & residential)
Kassala Telefrique
Export Village
Remeila Resort
Al Safa Hotel
Abouda Platform
Camel Racing Track

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