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Al Mogran Development

The Mogran CBD project site is a 65 Ha of area to be development as a commercial residential and recreational area with high quality infrastructure and network of services.

The project also incorporates the 500 hectare Sunt Forest Site, to the south of the Mogran CBD.

The population of the Mogran CBD and Sunut forest development is one hundred and twenty thousand (120,000) expected to be served with high quality infrastructure networks.

Tekno Consultancy has been part of the infrastructure master planning of the project and involved in the infrastructure detailed design.

Tekno Consultancy has designed the complete road system and intersections for the Mogran Development. The road system is based on extensive studies and traffic models. The design was made to international standards, using the latest in roads design technology.

The development road system contains 6 road types and 27 intersections.

In order to insure the success of the proposed Mogran Development, a full traffic model was created for the development.

Traffic counts for inlets and outlets of the development were used as base data, and the model also took into account the traffic flow within the Greater Khartoum area.

Allowance was made for future growth of the city. This project is a joint venture with KEO International Consultants, Abu Dhabi.

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