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SMC Medical City

Established by PPP organizations, SMC Co Ltd is seeking to develop a medical city to the south east of Khartoum, at al Gezira State, to provide the people of Sudan with quality healthcare, on a land of 1,247,400 square meters area- provided free of charge by the Government of Sudan. The city is intended to be an acknowledged, distinctive destination of healing and wellness; equipped with cutting- edge technology. A general hospital, eight centers of excellence,schools (medical, nursing & biomedical engineering schools), staff accommodation and Public Amenities.

TEKNO Consultancy brought in big international players and formed a well organized multidisciplinary design-consortium, comprised of TEKNO Consultancy, Benoy, IBI Ted Jacob Engineering, Scape and K & A Designs.

SMC Design Consortium was appointed to provide a thorough scope of services, including master planning, landscape, architecture, medical planning, including equipment planning, interior design, infrastructure, MEP and structural engineering. Currently the project is at mid concept design moving forward.

Concept Design
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Master Planning
Infrastructure design
Interior design
MEP Services
Structural Engineering