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GIZ Darfur Vocational Training Centers

GIZ Darfur Vocational Training Centers

Tekno Consultancy is devoted to making positive social impact, through delivering its works via sustainable practices driven by the seventeen Social Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

Empathy in design and engineering, is an essential value in our firm; driven by a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and projects targeted communities.

These projects are centered on war-affected communities of Darfur, mainly internally displaced people, returning to their settlements; which were overblown economically by the conflict and the instability it created.

Our client, GIZ , The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, aims to help the people of Darfur, by providing them with the necessary education, skills and equipment; to boost the economic situation of the province. Extracurricular activities, are also incorporated in the centres creating a high standard one-day stay.

The vocational training centers, in El Jeneina and El Fashir, have accessible locations to the general public, and public transport routes, with a BUA of 3,220 sqm each.

 The design methodology was based on using modular units, simpler design process & construction, the use of local materials, & followed the principles of sustainability (energy self-sufficiency, good ventilation, natural light, & sound comfort), as well as COVID standards. Both VTCs comprise of 4 classrooms, IT lab, 4 workshops (car mechanics, metal works, electrics, food & beverage, administration offices, and common spaces.

These projects were done in collaboration with TAMAsociati; the Concept Design & Consulting Architect. Tekno Consultancy developed the projects as the project architect, engineering & sustainability consultant and the Local Architect of Record and its construction supervision body.

Detailed design was submitted and issued for construction. Supervision stage has kicked off recently; following sustainable yet cost effective construction practices.

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