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Al Gazeera Airport School Of Aviation

Al Gazira International Airport is a new proposed development; it will be located in the south – east of Wad Madani city, the capital of Algazira State , Sudan.

The proposed location of the new airport is 200 km away to the south of the existing Khartoum international airport, so it can work as a substitute airport for most of the aircrafts especially during bad weather in Khartoum State.

The new airport will provides several services through its well designed facilitites.

A terminal building for arrival and departure, a small presidential hall and a cargo village with all its related activities, a maintenance centre for aircrafts, an airport for spray planes, a hotel for transit travelers and an aviation academy.

The terminal building is designed to serve 300,000 travelers per year.In twenty years and as per the initial studies, the new airport is designed to serve up to 1,000,000 travelers per year.

The airport's future expansion components are designed to integrate with the comprehensive development that will cover the state.

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