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Agribusiness Services

SSIA Farmers Excellence Center Prototype

SSIA’s agricultural investment strategy – a part of an overall investment roadmap in different sectors provided by Tekno Consultancy- has suggested that SSIA finances a pilot project urban farm, located in Al Jaily, Khartoum, and provides not only agricultural professional support to prospect owners, but also to purchase the production and resell it in the local and international market, and becoming part of a chain supply.

The urban farm is composed of 62 farms/plots ( ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 acres ) with different typologies, low cost villas,  cold and dry storage, weekly market zone, and the farmers excellence centre, a greenhouse farming dedicated area, a clinic and a nursery and services.

 The project has a super market, green open spaces and a water body which creates a communal living style; yet it has the needed privacy which is a social/ cultural requirement. Three prototypes of affordable villas were created.

Schematic Design
Service Rendered
Interior design
Structural engineering