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Basateen Mixed Farming Project

BASATEN is a Mixed farming project with 11,766.21 Feddans of area;  located at River Nile State East side of Aldamar Road at the North side of hosh al-khawajah town.

 The project is an opportunity for the clients  investment objectives and constitutes a long-term sustainable source of high financial returns and contributes substantially to the nation’s economy.

The project contains 2 major areas,  44 farm with total are of 2,200 feddan and the service zone with total area of 116.6 feddans

The service zone is secured within the project’s area, so as to support the farms both on front and back ends. All the management, maintenance and post-harvest services are available within the project area

It also contains the admin building, stores and workshops, compost production units as well as investors and staff residences.


Concept Completed
Service Rendered
Structural engineering
Signage & Way Finding