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Walk@Nile Recreation & Hospitality Hub

Walk @ Nile is a metropolitan life style experience, coming soon to Khartoum, Sudan. This 160,162 sqm development is surrounded by The Nile Road at its Southern boundary and The River Nile at its Northern side.

This project is a new hospitality, entertainment and shopping destination; reflecting the effect of globalization and connectivity era which has been changing the Sudanese life style; since the late nineties.

Walk @ Nile is composed of food & beverage units; A 100 room- five stars- boutique hotel; a cinema with three display hall ranging in capacity from 150-100 persons, with a kids cinema for 50 children.

The project has also a food truck zone on its northern border, overlooking the future cornice. The design provides for ample shaded outdoors seating areas, with a kids play area, crazy fountain and gaming arcades; embracing vast areas of greenery and water features.

Food & beverage as well as the Retail zone units, are in the form of architecturally beatified, shipping containers configurations, presented in three prototypes, accommodating restaurants, cafes as well as a limited number of shop-cafe outlets.

The hotel is separated smoothly with a curved living wall, accentuated by three water walls -in a certain rhythm- from the rest of the development, yet it provides access to the entertainment zone and to the food and beverage areas.

Walk @ Nile’s material palette is derived from its surrounding urban fabric, a mix of residential, agricultural area; in the form of green walls, water walls and stone; brought together with building materials associated with, contemporary architecture, such as glass, corrugated steel, pre-cast concrete panels and perforated aluminum sheets.

The final product is an organic scheme, derived from marine life, which intertwines with modern life and the site’s surrounding urban fabric; shaping a new downtown.