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Wafaa Balla, Tekno Consultancy's volunteer of the year

Considering the recent humanitarian crisis around the globe, Humanitarian Engineering to Rescue was the topic of interest chosen by Wafaa Balla Beshir; The Project Coordinator at TEKNO Consultancy jointly with Jomanah AlBtoush from Jordan; the topic was based on 5 months study using an on-line survey; which results where summarized in the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference October 2017 held in Indonesia/ Jakarta.

The final paper of the study was issued in the Conference Booklet, the Booklet was distributed during the Conference.


“Humanitarian engineering is research and design to directly improve the well-being under human, crisis, conflicts, human rights interference, and unsustainable development”

What should be the evolution of Humanitarian Engineering to face the challenges ahead?

What unique skills and talents have engineers and engineering education brought to circumstances of humanitarian conflicts?

What major messages of support need to reach engineers in order to assist them to promote effective engineering research and practice in these circumstances?

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