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Northern State Structure Plan Approval

Tekno Consultancy is proud to announce the approval of the Northern State Structure Plan, by the Ministry of Infrastructure & Urban Development  , and is celebrating

three years of dedication, hard work and commitment.


The structure Plan defines strategic development frameworks  utilizing available resources, and  paving the road for urban development .

It also provides quintessential and indispensable data for different land uses, needed for such development projects.

 The structure Plan is composed of regional  development and urban development Plans.

Development sectors include, land use, economy, healthcare, resources, tourism and infrastructure.

 Next step is developing all concepts provided to realize this plan, which spans on thirty years- time horizon.

Tekno Consultancy is looking forward to developing the plan with much enthusiasm and goodwill.


Special thanks to our client and their teams for their valuable trust and the collaboration they showed to make things happen.



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