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Tekno & GIZ Collaboration in Darfur Vocational Training Centers

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GIZ & Tekno Consultancy Collaboration in Darfur

Tekno Consultancy has been awarded, design development  and supervision for two vocational training centers by GIZ in Darfur, Sudan. This collaboration realizes, a significant part of  Tekno Consultancy’s mission as well as  our client’s  and our design partner’s; providing training facilities in response to the rural-urban exodus that resulted from the conflicts in Darfur.

 At Tekno Consultancy we aim towards making people’s lives better and taking care of their wellness and wellbeing. GIZ and Tekno Consultancy are working together, providing means of livelihood in conflict -affected areas. This collaboration falls in with the sustainable development goals, promoted by the UN.

The concept design is being developed in collaboration with TAMAssociatti. Projects kicked off in August 2021 and are currently approaching the concept design phase end.

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