Led by legacy


With a vast extent of a desert region, pierced by the river Nile in its full natural maturity, the Northern State has challenged both history and geography in offering human civilization one of its gems: Nubian civilization.

With this streak of history and geographic reality in mind, the Structure Plan for the Development of the Northern Province of Sudan, has been conceived and judiciously designed. Straddling the Regional, the Sub-regional, the Rural and Urban vocabulary of the Northern State, the Structure Plan endeavors to place people, environment and resources as the essential trilogy that informs the identification of its eventual projects panorama: infrastructures, agriculture, industry, health, education, culture and tourism, water and power supply ... envisioned for the coming 25 years of the State’s future. Modern techniques of spatial planning blended with appropriate planning theory and judgement constituted the formative frames of a spatial development plan which is rooted in the realities of the present and focuses on the multiple opportunities of a promising future.

Meet Tekno's master planning team, who are burning the midnight oil, to make things happen.

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